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Have you been paying attention to the trend of natural disasters being reported by the news? It has become a reality show where disasters no longer surprise us; we are loosing the sense of empathy. It is the same problem of the frog that does not jump out of a heated water pot while it can before boiling to dead.

Our brain is wired for survival and is constantly making predictions of the future to assess what is the level of risk, can we relax and enjoy life or is there danger upon the horizon. This is how your brain is constantly evaluating the alert level you should be on.

The way our economic system is currently design has brought stress levels in the public at large never seen since WWII, competition, inflation, automation, AI, debt, etc, has now become the real threat to our survival, or so the brain perceives it.  The “programmed” response of the brain to these menaces is: Accumulate as much as possible, do whatever to maximize $. Ethics has taken a step back if it is to impact profits.

When it comes to environment and sustainability we keep passing the bucket for others to confront the very serious problems that we already see in the news, the problem is real and our brain has not reacted with the level of emergency as it should, because profits remain the perceived danger.

Most Corporate responsibility programs and environmental initiatives are primary focused on good PR, and respectful scorecards, makes us feel we are concerned and are doing something about it. But I challenge you to look deeply inside.  What is your gut reaction when asked to think the conflicting interest between Sustainability vs profitability?

We all are conscious that the investment level is far from the it should be if we are serious about sustainability simply because it interferes with profits.

Ethical Sustainability requires a different approach.  Neuro Consciousness is the scientific research of how our brain creates the perception of reality and readapts. Quantum Physics has already present us with a evidence of how our thinking process impacts how reality manifests.  Yes, we do have direct impact on reality. Change comes with conscious awareness of the way we create reality.   We can still make a difference.  Neuro Conciencia

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